Bale Loader

Bale Loader


Product Information

Agrimerin Bale Loader is designed for picking the bales prepared and left on land by bale machınes and loading them to directly to trailer. It is mounted to the tractor via trailer-pulling-system to transfers the bales through holding chains, carrier chain transfers the bale to the farthest point of the trailer. The height of the machine can be adjusted as desired via the built in hydraulic system. This feature brings about great ease in stacking It positions itself based on job or road conditions. It has a single gearbox and operates at 540 rpm. Daily loading capacity between 2500 to 3000 bales.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Units AMBL
Number of Carrier Chain pcs 1
Number of Receiver Chain pcs 2
Working Capacity (Bales) pcs/12 hours 2500-3000
Height cm 430
Width cm 180
Weight kg 480
Power Requirement hp 30
Wheel Size 4.50/10 KN52
PTO rpm 540

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