Branch Shredder

Branch Shredder


Product Information

Agrimerin Branch Shredder is powered directly by tractor power take-off shaft. Connected to tractor with three-point linkage system; Branch Shredder shreds the products supplied to the feeding unit with finger rotor thanks to blades operating vertically to the field. With the sieve located at the back side of the machinery, the material can be broken into pieces as big as the diameter of the sieve. The shredder, chips wastes of sunflower, corn, paddies, shrubs, fruit trees and vineyard prunes and leaves shredded parts on the surface of the land. Decomposed plants convey organic matters to the soil and increases phytosanitary-nutrients in the soil.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Unit AMBS
Working width mm 1800
Width mm 2100
Length mm 1600
Height mm 1100
Weight kg 750
Number of Feeder Rotor Fingers pcs 20
Number of Grinder Blades pcs 20
Tractor Connection Front-Back 2 Sides
Pressure Wheel pcs 2
Shafting Gear Box
Rotation of power take-off 1/min 540
Required Power hp 60

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