Fixed Maize Harvester

Fixed Maize Harvester


Product Information

Agrimerin Fixed Maize Harvester is connected to the tractor by three point linkage system and taking its movement from the pto shaft.
The machine is not the mowing type chopper, it works on a fixed ground without moving. Taken movement from the pto shaft of a tractor is given to the gearbox via the belt-pulley arrangement. The movement which gets out of the gearbox activates the front feeding drums and the rear chopper unit.

Technical Specification
Specifications* UnitsAMFMH
Length mm 2600
Width mm 2150
Height of Working Position mm 3250
Working Width mm 1300
Power Requirement hp 45-55
Weight kg 600
PTO Speed rpm 540
Number of Blades pcs 12
Work Capacity tonne/hour 15-20

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