Forage Harvester

Forage Harvester


Product Information

Forage harvester is used for making silage of all types of green feed plants (clover, green barley, grass). Blades making the cutting and blowing processes simultaneously prevents any harm to machine by making kickback of machine when they clash to any hard substance while the blades are active. The machine that has been equipped with resistant and long life transmission. Its easy to adjust cap height by hydraulic system. Telescopic wheels assist the machine to forward in the wet ground without sinking. Remote control unit never requires maintenance and can work minimum power.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Units AMFC 1300 AMFC 1500
Lenght on Road cm 254 273
Width on Road cm 145 145
Working Lenght cm 145 145
Working Width cm 308 328
Height cm 357 357
Weight kg 550 620
Number of Blade pcs 21 24
Wheel Size 4.50/10 KNK52 4.50/10 KNK52
Flywheel Cycle 1350 1350
PTO rpm 540 540
Power Requirement hp 45 45
Work Capacity ton/hour 17 17
Work Width cm 130 150

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