Hole Digger

Hole Digger


Product Information

Hole digger is one of the equipments that should be included each agricultural establishments and farmers. It is connected to the tractor easily by three point hitch system. These diggers can auger deep, straight post holes or help you quickly plant trees and shrubs. You can drill holes with 800-1800 mm depth and 20,30,45,60,80 cm diameters quickly and economically. It allows you to dig 40 holes with 300 mm diameter in one hour, 30 holes with 450 mm diameter and 15 holes with 600 mm diameter in one hour.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Units AMHD 1 AMHD 2
Working Depth mm 850 1000
Total Lenght mm 2500 2900
Total Height mm 750 880
Total Width cm 850 850
Total Weight kg 100 135
Power take-off r.m.p. tour/min 540/108 540/108
Required Power hp 35-60 40-90

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