Row Independent Maize Harvester - 4 Rows

Row Independent Maize Harvester - 4 Rows


Product Information

Agrimerin Independent Maize Harvester - 4 Rows is a centrally adjustable flywheelwith 12 tungsten carbide-coated blades, reversible shear bar with hardened edges, integral knife sharpening device, replaceable chopper housing lining and chute liner, cracker grating for kernel crushing and smooth plate.
2 high-speed saw blades cutting across the full width of 3.00m with replaceble segments.
The 2 intake and 2 pre-compression rollers are driven by jointed shafts with safety clutch and oil-immersed transmission, 4-speed transmission for 4 intake speeds, electrically operated forward/neutral/reverse with automatic de-clutching.

Technical Specification
Specifications* UnitsAMRIMH4R
Length mm 2800
Width mm 3000
Height of Working Position mm 4200
Height of Transport Position mm 3700
Working Width mm 3000
Power Requirement hp 180-250
Weight kg 2400
PTO speed rpm 1000
Number of Blades pcs 12
Number of Fan pcs 12
Work Capacity tonne/hour 90-110

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