Straw Collection and Hay Making Machine

Straw Collection and Hay Making Machine


Product Information

The task of the machine is gathering automaticly the straws of the wheat, barley, oat , rye, soyabeans, corn, clovers etc. which are left in the fields as rows or aggregation and make them fodder automatically and fill up the special straw trailer which is hooked to the back thanks to aspirator. The aspirator fan with perfect vacuum and pressing volume is especially designed to prevent all issues while converting the green fodder plants as clover, vetch, sainfoin etc. to straw.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Units AMBS
Operating Width mm 1730-1770
Width mm 2500
Length mm 4800
Height mm 2900
Weight kg 1700
Bator Width mm 1180
Average Operating Speed km/h 2.6
Working Capacity ton/h 2.2
Power Take-off Speed 1/min 540
Required Power hp 45

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