Evo Universal Seed Drill Single/Double Disc

Evo Universal Seed Drill Single/Double Disc


Product Information

Agrimerin universal seed drill machine is designed as single disc and double discs options. It is a planting machine of hydraulically suspended type which is suitable of planting by connecting to a tractor by a three point hitch mechanism. Double disc machines should be used in the cases where there is plenty of straw in the field. There are pressure wheels behind the coulters.These pressure wheels apply pressure on the falling seed. Single disc machines have a seed-directing system as standard. Thus the seed falls to the back of the coulter, into the drill from a very short distance.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Units EVO 2500/21 EVO 3000/25 EVO 3600/29 EVO 4000/33
Working Width mm 2500 3000 3600 4000
Disc Quantity pcs 21 25 29 33
Seed Hopper Volume lt 476 593 710 828
Approximately Weight With Fertilize kg 800 960 1105 1215
Width mm 2060 2060 2060 2060
Length mm 2600 3150 3750 4100
Height mm 1450 1450 1450 1450
Wheel Size 500x15 500x15 600x16 600x16
Required Power hp 60 70 80 90
Total Weight kg 320 395 560 700

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