Feed Mixer

Feed Mixer


Product Information

Feed Mixer is an ideal solution for live stock farms. The simple, durable and light weight construction of the machine makes it the best equipment for small dairy and cattle farms. The crops like stalks, straw, alfalfa, silage, pulp etc. which you would like to use as feed can be homogenized by mixing it in our machine. It is easy to have digestible and nutritious feed. There are no dead spots because of the design of the auger and bucket, so it is more hygienic when compared to other mixers on the market. Also there is no feed left in the bucket after unloading.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Units AMFMX
Body Volume m3 12
Dead Weight kg 6500/mn
Loading System Backside Clamshell Bucket
Loading Capacity kg 5600
Spiral System Horizontal Double Spiral
Start-up System Planet Reducer Gear Group
Power Take-off Speed 1/min 540
Mixture Homogeneity % 90
Mixing Time min 15
Weighing System Optional
Feature of Weighing System 17 Ration Memory Digital System
Starting Transfer Planet Reducer
Hydraulic Pressure Welding Oil pump existing on the machine
Command Control System Electronic Control Command
Oil Pump Power Supply Tractor Power Take-off
Shafting P.T.O.
Spiral Power Distribution Milling cutter connection
Required Power hp 45
Number of Start-up Input Shafts Single
Wheel Size 300/80-15.3
Tractor Separator Feet Hydraulic Piston
Hydraulic Piston Right/Single Way
Spreading System Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Speed 1/min 80
Body Floor Sheet Thickness mm 10
Spiral Sheet Thickness mm 16
Number of Chopper Axe Blades pcs 34
Number of Chopper Daisy Blades pcs 96
Machine Width mm 3180
Machine Lengt mm 6520
Machine Height mm 2380

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