Single Disc Fertilizer Spreader - Square Type

Single Disc Fertilizer Spreader - Square Type


Product Information

Agrimerin single disc square frame fertilizer spreaders which are produced as hydraulic and towable types are mounted to tractor through three point linkage system. . Fertilizer spreading is easy at the borderline from tractor cabin by hydraulic remote controller so that unnecessary fertilizer consuming is prevented by closing it swiftly. Spreading width of the machine can be between 10-24 meters however these adjustments must be performed by changing the the angle and the length of the wings on the disk depending on the fertilizer types. The fertilizer tank is halved by a separator sheet in reverse V shape at the bottom and the mixer in it is located vertically and the fertilizer flow is provided uninterruptedly.

Technical Specification
Specifications* Units AMSFS 400 AMSFS 500 AMSFS 600
Capacity lt 400 500 600
Number of Disc pcs 1 1 1
Width mm 920 1000 1385
Length mm 1110 1400 1500
Height mm 1200 1250 1280
Weight kg 92 130 145
Working Width m 15.75 15.75 15.75
Open/Close Adjustment Mechanic Hydraulic/Mechanic Hydraulic/Mechanic
Stainless Steel Disc Optional Optional Optional
Stainless Steel Wing Optional Optional Optional
Required Power hp 40-50 50-55 60-65

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