Soil Preparation

Disc Plough
Disc Plough - Square Frame Type
Classic Mouldboard Plough

Classic Coil Spring Plough

Adjustable Reversible Plough
Inter-Row Rotary Cultivator

3/2(5) Units Inter-Row Rotary Cul.
Chisel with/without Roller

Classic Cultivator
Combination Cultivation Machine
Interrow Cultivator

Cultivator with S Type Tines

Cultivator with S Type Tines - Foldable Type
Gobble Disc Harrow

Offset Disc Harrow - Foldable V Type
Tandem Disc Harrow with Hydraulic Lift - Trailed Type
Tandem Disc Harrow - Foldable X Type
Ezio Disc Harrow

Mounted Tandem Disc Harrow - X Type
Offset Disc Harrow with Hydraulic and Trailed - V Type
Offset Disc Harrow - Trailed and Mounted V Type
Offset Disc Harrow - Mounted Type

Disc Harrow with Double Balance Wheel - Mounted One Way
Land Leveller

Folding Roller

Mounted and Trailed Roller

Garden Type Hydraulic Rotovator

Garden Type Rotovators (Mechanical Rolling)

Garden Type Rotovators (Stable)

Field Type Rotovators

Power Harrow

Hole Digger


Stone Picker